Dr Vanessa Pinfold

Vanessa has been working in mental health research for 20 years.  She has published studies on stigma and discrimination, families and carers, social inclusion, experiences of the mental health system, wellbeing networks as well as more recently co-production in mental health research.  Much of her previous work has been delivering studies that work with people with severe mental health problems or long term mental health needs.   This included a year-long project in 2012 to provide the secretariat for the Schizophrenia Commission chaired by Professor Sir Robin Murray whilst at Rethink Mental Illness. She is currently prioritising developing peer research roles through collaborative or co-production approaches. Her current studies include developing an intervention to combat loneliness among people with depression and anxiety, developing a collaborative model of care working across primary and secondary care for people with long term mental health needs, and progressing work on wellbeing networks. Vanessa is an experienced health services researcher and leader within the mental health research charity sector. She currently chairs the Alliance of Mental Health Research Funders and at McPin is responsible for overseeing the work of the patient and public involvement team, research team and new policy function. Vanessa is also an associate member of INVOLVE (the national advisory group that supports greater public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research).  She has a PhD from University of Nottingham, Department of Geography.