Johanna Frerichs

Johanna joined the McPin Foundation as a researcher in April 2016. She is currently working on the Community Navigators study, which aims to develop and test a programme of support for people with persistent anxiety and depression, focused on increasing social contacts and reducing loneliness. Johanna has a BSc (Hons) Psychology degree from the University of Bath and previously worked on research projects at UCL. This included studies looking at assessment and improvement of the service offered by crisis resolution teams, a trial of peer support for people leaving crisis resolution team care, and a trial aimed at reducing cannabis use in people with first-episode psychosis. She has also worked for a health care regulator and volunteered on acute mental health wards and at an early intervention service for psychosis. In the future, Johanna would like to work further on research projects involving service-level improvement, with a focus on the impact on individuals receiving services.