FOCUS Clinical Trial, Greater Manchester West (GMW) Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

The FOCUS clinical trial has two user-researcher co-applicants included within the study team, and two further user-researchers will contribute to a qualitative sub-study for the trial.

Group type: 2. Project-specific

Contact details

Named contact: Rory Byrne

Email address:

Telephone: 07876 387300


Psychosis Research Unit

Psychology Services

Harrop House

Prestwich Hospital

Bury New Road


M25 3BL

Remit of the group

The FOCUS trial is a multi-site randomised clinical trial comparing CBT with treatment as usual with people with psychosis or schizophrenia-spectrum diagnoses’ who have not benefitted sufficiently from clozapine medication.

Two user-researchers based in Manchester and Glasgow have been involved from the outset in trial design, the development of study materials, staff training, and general trial management. We have also taken updates and queries about the trial to a local (Manchester) Service User Reference Group (SURG) at the design stage, and periodically since the trial began. A further two user-researchers will contribute to the conduct and prospective publication of a qualitative sub-study at their respective sites (Southampton and Newcastle).

Frequency of meetings

Various; individual attendance at weekly local team meetings; contributing to bi-monthly trial management meetings (tele-conference); attendance at and input to quarterly staff training meetings (multi-site). Tele-meetings between user-researchers for various study-related functions also continue as and when required or preferred.

Who can consult the group?

User-researchers employed within the FOCUS team offer study-specific input, though the associated SURG group is open to consultation requests for all researchers within the Manchester Psychosis Research Unit (PRU) group.



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