Prodigy Advice Team, GMW Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

Group type: 2. Project-specific

Contact details

Named contact: Rory Byrne

Email address:

Telephone: 07876 387300


Psychosis Research Unit

Psychology Services

Harrop House

Prestwich Hospital

Bury New Road


M25 3BL

Remit of the group

This is a small user-led reference group set within a wider research team for the ‘Prodigy’ clinical trial (adapted CBT for young people at risk of serious problems with social functioning). The group has contributed to the study from the design stage onwards, including inputting to the development of study materials, recruitment strategies, and the conduct of a qualitative sub-study.

Frequency of meetings

As ‘Prodigy’ is a two-site trial (Norfolk and Manchester), locally PAT members have been involved on a semi-regular basis when possible and appropriate at each site. Across the study as a whole the PAT group have met by tele-conference roughly quarterly.

Who can consult the group?

This is a single study-specific group (the ‘Prodigy’ trial).

Website [trial website]


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