2012: Downside Fisher Youth Club

Downside Fisher Youth Club supports socially excluded children and young people from Bermondsey and its neighbouring areas, helping them to fulfil their potential as capable, confident young adults through a structured programme of sporting, educational, artistic and recreational activities.  The McPin Foundation supported the Youth Club’s Skills and Life (SALT) course, which is targeted at young people aged 13-19, including those with the highest levels of youth violence, offending and other ‘at risk’ behaviour.  The aim of the six -day intensive course is to address the root causes of negative and challenging behaviour, leading to more positive outcomes and change in participants’ attitudes towards society, other young people and themselves.  This grant was made in recognition of the Youth Club’s dedication and commitment to the community, and their innovation in finding ways to motivate young people to achieve, aspire, feel more fulfilled and sustain their mental well being.