Peer Mentoring Service at Camden VoiceAbility – A Qualitative Evaluation

Download the final evaluation report

What was this project?

Camden Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) asked the McPin Foundation to carry out an independent evaluation of the peer mentoring service run by Camden VoiceAbility. Peer mentoring through VoiceAbility involved a mentee setting short-term, achievable goals with a mentor, who had been through similar experiences. The mentor then offered practical and emotional support to help the mentee achieve their goals, develop skills and make progress in their personal recovery. The evaluation was qualitative, and allowed mentors and mentees to explain in-depth about their experiences of peer mentoring.


What did we do?

We spoke to nine mentors and eight mentees, by phone or in person. In the mentee interviews, we explored how mentees came into contact with the service, their experience of having a mentor and the impact the service had on their personal goals and recovery. In the mentor interviews, we explored what the impact of mentoring had on them, and of their experiences of training, supervision and support. We also spoke to VoiceAbility staff involved in running the service to gain background information and to understand their perspective on the service.

The information we collected was used to produce a final report that was delivered to Camden CCG in January 2017. In this report we highlighted the key benefits of the service for mentors and mentees, and identified areas in which it could be improved.


Why was this project important?

Peer mentoring, and other forms of peer support, are growing in importance as a way of helping people with their recovery. The evaluation provided an independent assessment of the Camden VoiceAbility peer mentoring programme’s strengths and identified areas for improvement, which may support the development of this service and inform other people who may be planning peer mentoring services. In the future the CCG may also use the findings to identify measures or scales that capture the outcomes which are important and meaningful to people who use the service. This could then be used to improve the data that is collected about the effectiveness of the service.


What is the current state of the project?

This study is now completed and you can download the final report.


Who do I contact for more information?

If you would like more information about this project, please get in touch with Rose Thompson