About us

The McPin Foundation is a mental health research charity. We believe research is done best when it involves people with relevant personal experience that relates to the research being carried out.

We call this expertise from experience and integrate this into our work by:

  • Delivering high-quality mental health research and evaluations that deploy collaborative methods
  • Supporting and helping to shape the research of others, often advising on strategies to involve expertise from experience
  • Working to ensure research achieves positive change by influencing methods, practice, and decision making in mental health research.

We also provide hosting services for other organisations which share our vision and which are working to improve mental wellbeing.

Research matters because we need to know a lot more about what works to improve the lives of people with mental health difficulties, their families and ensure people’s mental health is improved in communities everywhere.

Doing work alongside people with personal experience of the research subject means it is more likely to be relevant, acceptable and impactful.

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