Current opportunities

Become an advisory group member for the Agency, Social Identity & Justice in Mental Health project

We are looking for five young people aged 13-25 with lived experience of mental health problems to act as advisers on a project exploring how young people feel helped or harmed by mental healthcare interactions. This project is interested in how young people feel enabled to be ‘active agents’ in their care and identify solutions they feel will help, rather than harm them. Drawing from your lived experience of mental health problems, you will have the opportunity to shape this project to ensure that it is effective, appropriate and relevant for young people. As part of the advisory group, you will attend face-to-face meetings (some virtual) with other members of the project team.

For more information about how to apply, please click here

Become a member of the SleepWell Lived Experience Advisory Panel

We are recruiting people with sleep problems who deal with unusual experiences (this could include paranoia and hearing voices) to form the Lived Experience Advisory Panel. The study is due to begin in early 2020.  

Things you need to know:

-Deadline 6 April

-Please visit the Sleepwell project page for more info.