Driving Change: Global mental health report


We worked with Mind to support the global mental health forum for the World Innovation Summit in Health (WISH) which met in Doha, December 2013. Our role was to work with mental health NGOs across the world to understand their views and experiences of innovations in mental health care. A research report from the forum was produced by a team from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the WHO and Mind funded by the Qatar Foundation. A global innovation platform has also been created to promote promising innovations across the world.

Our Driving Change report was launched in March 2014. We hope that this work is one step to building a greater profile for the work of user- and carer-led mental health organisations both in the UK and abroad. There is commitment among the contributors to the Driving Change report to support each other through skill sharing and ideas creation to address their isolation and raise awareness of the importance of values driven mental health NGOs as central partners in a global vision for better mental health.