Mental Elf – developing the #RCTDebate conversation

talking point 1Thank you Mental Elf  and your bloggers Amy Price and Douglas Badenoch, for reviewing our commissioned Talking Point paper (RCTs: The straitjacket of mental health research?) and encouraging #RCTDebate. We commissioned Alison Faulkner to write a paper on any topic she chose, from the perspective of a survivor researcher, in order to open up discussion on topics that need to be progressed if we are going to transform mental health research. The goal of the McPin Foundation is to do just that; #transformMHresearch. Methodological developments are central to this goal – so we encourage you to join in with Mental Elf and the twitter feed #RCTDebate.

What needs to change? The Mental Elf blog points out mental health research is under funded. Yes. That service users and patients should play a more active role as citizens in shaping mental health research. Yes. That the way we view evidence needs be nuanced and considered – appropriate questions and methods targeted to produce robust answers that can then be well disseminated and implemented. Yes. The last issue is something we are very interested in at the McPin Foundation as there is no point doing research if it doesn’t lead to changes in people’s lives. We need innovations and maybe that will be a topic for another Talking Point paper. How to achieve innovation driven by research within and outside of the mental health sector? Calling all geographers, political scientists, statisticians, epidemiologist, sociologists, trial specialists, qualitative researchers, disability studies experts, health service researchers, behaviours change experts and more, Mental Health research needs you!  We need work that addresses bio-psycho-social aspects of mental health problems, mental health and wellbeing – it is really important not to forget the social.

So returning to our Talking Point paper, please do join in the conversation #RCTDebate.