14th March 2023 News

#MentalHealthResearchMatters - launching our campaign report

#MentalHealthResearchMatters • Public mental health •

Last autumn, McPin Foundation was heavily involved in delivering the #MentalHealthResearchMatters campaign. We worked alongside Professor Cathy Creswell from the University of Oxford and André Tomlin from Mental Elf to explore mental health research through online events, blogs, animations and social media.

Our aim was to discuss mental health research, why it matters, how it can improve and how people can get involved.

We also wanted to celebrate the legacy of the eight UKRI mental health research networks, as many of them come to an end.

The campaign was a mammoth task, with multiple moving parts, audiences and objectives. As it was largely held on social media it can be hard to bring all the great work together in one place. Because of this we created a campaign report to share some of the highlights and successes. 

Of course, we couldn’t include everything we created for the campaign, but we hope this can springboard you into exploring the topic a little deeper.

The campaign report explores:

  • Why we launched MHRM
  • Key statistics from the campaign
  • The flagship animations
  • Highlights from each of the five webinars
  • Quotes from just some of the fifteen original blogs on the mental health research matters website. We also created original blogs for the McPin website too.

A huge thank you to so many people at McPin, who were all-hands-on-deck during autumn, to help make sure the campaign was the best it could be. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Although the #MentalHealthResearchMatters team is winding down, we hope the conversations and the hashtag will continue. We’d love it if the hashtag #MentalHealthResearchMatters became an online hub for excellent resources, content and examples of mental health research. Please continue to use it.

The Mental Health Research Matters website should remain live until 2024. We created a huge amount of content on there – so feel free to explore and learn more.

Finally, a big thank you to UKRI for funding this project and making Mental Health Research Matters possible. 

Read the campaign report here