My Story, Our Future – A Life Stories Project


What are we doing?

We are collecting narratives, or life stories, of people who have experienced psychosis and have used Early Intervention Services. We are interested in people’s whole life stories, all aspects to their lives, and not just their experiences of services. It is totally up to the person what they want to tell us.


Who is involved?

The organisation overseeing the project is Mcpin, a charity which does research into mental health care and support. There is more info on Mcpin at

The interviewers are Remi, Dolly, Gary, Rajvi and Agnes. Some of us have personal experience of psychosis and have used local services. Agnes is managing the project, and will probably be your first point of contact.

There is also a Steering Group including people with lived experience, and all the organisations involved in the project.

The most important person, however, will be you.


How we are going to do it?

After a telephone conversation giving you more information about the project, two of the researchers will meet with you to map out the basic structure of what you want to talk about.

After that, we will meet with you up to 3 times in a mutually agreed location, for you to tell us your life story.

These sessions will be audio recorded but will be protected and your confidentiality ensured.


Where will my story go?

You are in full control of what is contributed to the project. We will look for themes and important topics in people’s lives to help services and the public understand what is significant to people using Early Intervention Services. Your anonymity will be safeguarded – this means you will not be identifiable at any point.


Why are we doing it?

Mcpin and the commissioners of this groundbreaking project want to understand you better and what helps you. The hope is that services will develop improved and new ways of supporting people in their lives.


Thank you for taking time to read this.  If you would like any more information, please contact Agnes Hann on 0207 922 7872, or email her at, or write to us at: Agnes Hann, Mcpin Foundation, 32-36 Loman Street, London, SE1 0EH.