25th September 2023 News

New McPin training programme this autumn

If you’re a researcher in any field, and you’re either new to PPI or wanting to improve your PPI practices 3-session online course is for you.

This training programme will teach you how to ensure good quality involvement that avoids tokenism and genuinely embeds lived experience knowledge into research projects

The course is online via Zoom and will run on 27th October, 10th November and 24th November. Each session is two and a half hours and includes course materials. The cost is £600.

Patient and public involvement is a critical part of research and more funders and institutions are recognising that, requiring researchers to have PPI built into their studies.

At McPin, we’ve got extensive experience delivering PPI in a range of studies. We will share our experience across a range of PPI models, and provide interactive spaces to ask questions, get advice about your project and learn from people with professional and lived experience.

During the three sessions you will learn more about what PPI is and the models for PPI in research; how to run good PPI groups and work with young people; inclusivity in PPI work; and more.

Book now by contacting us [email protected]