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We understand that involvement, or PPI (‘public and patient involvement’), is increasingly a requirement for research funding. Our expertise lies in tailoring the level and kind of involvement to your needs, and coming up with creative but practical ways to embed it within your project. We will ensure that involvement in your project is meaningful.

We believe that meaningful involvement is more likely to lead to change.


Evaluate and measure impact

Whether you are a charity, social enterprise or public-sector organisation, we can work with you to demonstrate the impact of your project by conducting independent research and evaluation. This can be done in partnership with the people you are trying to support.



Advise on and conduct research

If you are an academic or a researcher, we can work with you to develop your project and support you to come up with a strategy for public involvement. This could include bringing people with the relevant lived experience of the subject to advise on the project and/or test its feasibility.

We also bring our research expertise to commissioned programmes of work. We design and carry out innovative research, drawing on a range of methods to involve people who have relevant lived experience.



Provide training and resources

Although we like working in partnership with others, our ultimate aim is to disseminate knowledge and build the capacity and infrastructure needed so that our input is no longer necessary.

To do this, we provide training on how to conduct meaningful public involvement in research. Depending on your requirements, this could include lectures or workshops on peer research, co-production, how to develop and work in partnership with the people your research is intended to affect, and how to write a successful PPI strategy for a funding application.

We have free resources to help you embed the views of people with relevant lived experience into your work. These include our Talking Point papers, which give the perspectives of people with lived experience on topics related to mental health, our Methods papers, which reflect on new models of involvement, and a directory of UK-based service user and carer groups that are involved in mental health research.

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