Research activities

If you are an academic or a researcher, we can work with you to develop your research project and come up with a strategy for public involvement.

  • We are often asked to get involved before or at the research proposal/funding application stage to increase the chance of a successful bid.
  • We can set up and run Lived Experience Advisory Panels (LEAPs). These enable you to draw on the expertise of people with lived experience of the subject you are investigating, thereby improving your project. The people on the panel offer advice and act as a ‘critical friend’ to your project.
  • If your project is about young people, we could draw on our Young People’s Network to recruit and run a Young Person’s Advisory Group on your behalf.
  • We can conduct process evaluations and recruit people with lived experience to test the feasibility of your study. This is sometimes done as a nested research study within a larger research project.
  • An alternative is to carry out the research in collaboration with us. We can design it so that the perspectives of people with relevant lived experience are included at every stage of the research process.

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