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A study of weight gain as a side effect of taking antipsychotic medication.
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Project overview

RESOLVE is led by Aston University to study weight gain as a side effect of taking antipsychotic medication. The aim of the project is to find non-pharmacological solutions to this type of weight gain, for example, exercise and healthy eating which work for people who are in this situation.

Project details

Up to 80% of people who take antipsychotic medication are overweight or obese. This has devastating consequences. Life expectancy is reduced by 20 years in people with schizophrenia, partly related to the consequences of this weight gain. Addressing antipsychotic medication weight gain is an important issue. However, few people who take antipsychotics are ever offered weight management support, and there is no existing route for people to get help. Existing services are confusing and disjointed, and often unhelpful.

McPin is running the Lived Experience Advisory Panel for the study, which advises the researchers at Aston University about their project. Two people with lived experience of this issue are co-applicants for this project. It is important to have people with lived experience of antipsychotic medication weight gain advising at different levels in the project, to ensure that the research questions are relevant and useful.

For more information on this project, please contact McPin: [email protected] 

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