Help needed to develop and test a digital monitoring platform (which will include a smart phone app) for people with psychosis

A study led by The University of Manchester in six sites around the UK, is working on research to understand how to predict and prevent relapse of psychosis using a digital monitoring platform, which will include a smart phone app.

Current methods of monitoring and assessing psychosis involve face-to-face meetings that rely on people recalling their symptoms and issues. At present, the mental health of many people with psychosis is not being looked at often enough. This means that the warning signs of people becoming unwell can be missed. 

The new programme of research involves the development and study of a digital monitoring platform to monitor people’s symptoms and experiences of psychosis. An ‘artificial intelligence’ approach is used to see if using the app can identify signs that someone may be becoming unwell. The hope is that in the future people can be identified and help given before they become too unwell.     

The study will take place over four and a half years in Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Sussex (Brighton), London, and Cardiff. 

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What we are looking for:

We are looking for people with experience of psychosis to form group called a Lived Experience Advisory Panel (LEAP). The LEAP will be expected to attend meetings, the majority of which will be online but there will be some travel to face-to-face meetings.

The group will meet around five times a year. There will be some tasks in between meetings as well.  We are also looking for a wider network of people who could be involved on a more ‘as and when’ basis. This ‘Involvement Network’ of people will not be invited to attend meetings but will be asked to respond to occasional email requests for advice. For example, testing the new app, or giving feedback on a summary document.

Mental health problems and experiences affect everyone, but involvement in research does not always reflect this. Therefore, we actively seeking applications from Black, Asian and Minority ethnic groups. We would especially like to hear from those who have experienced difficult life experiences (for example: seldom-heard groups and low-income backgrounds).

We would also like to hear from people who have not had the opportunity to be involved in research before.


We are looking for people who live in or near to the six places where the study is taking place:

  • Manchester
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Sussex (Brighton)
  • London
  • Cardiff

NB: Some meetings will be held in person. The location of the meetings will vary.  Some travel will therefore be needed across the country. We will also consider people who live anywhere in the UK for the wider study ‘Involvement Network’.

Payment and expenses:

Payment of up to £80 will be offered for online meetings (dependant on the length of the meeting). Payment of £100 will be offered for in person meetings.

Payment will also be offered for tasks to be undertaken in between meetings or by email.

All reasonable travel expenses for in meetings will be covered. We will also try to help in case anyone does not have suitable computer/phone or data to take part in online meetings.

How to apply

To apply please complete the application form and email it to Alex Kenny (email:  

If you are not able to fill out the application form or if you have any questions please get in contact with Alex by email or phone 07518 110 129.