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Evaluation of Kailo- a new research and design project to improve young people’s mental health

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Evaluation of Kailo- a new research and design project to improve young people’s mental health

What’s the Project?

Kailo is a new research and design project working with young people and communities in Newham and Northern Devon. Kailo aims to learn about the wider social issues that impact young people’s mental health and work with young people to address them. We are evaluating Kailo to learn more about how and why Kailo works in different areas to improve adolescent mental health. We hope that our findings will help us to improve the Kailo framework before we launch it in new places.

What’s the opportunity?

We are recruiting eight young people, aged 16-25 to join two Young Person’s Advisory Groups, one in Newham and one in Northern Devon. These groups will help to shape the evaluation and ensure that young people’s voices are central to our work.

Sessions will take place for two hours every month from September 2023 to September 2024. Young people will be paid £11.95 per hour to recognise their time and contributions. Most sessions will take place online but at least two sessions will be held face-to-face. Travel expenses will be covered for in-person meetings.

Members of the YPAGs will take part in a range of activities including:

  • Reviewing research materials and information that will be shared with young people.
  • Co-facilitating focus groups with researchers.
  • Providing feedback on our research findings.
  • Exploring creative ways of sharing the findings.
  • Helping to share the findings with your local networks and the larger research community.


What’s required of me?

To take part in the YPAG, you must be:

  • Aged 16-25
  • Based in the UK and living in Newham or Northern Devon
  • Willing to learn about and help shape research.
  • Able to commit up to two hours a month for a period of 12 months.


What will be provided?

We will pay you £11.95 per hour to recognise your time and contributions. You can also choose to receive vouchers instead of payment.

You will be supported by the Participation Lead, Krish, who will work with you to create a support plan whilst you are on the project. Krish will also be able to provide a professional reference for the work you do as part of the Young Person’s Advisory Group.

I’m interested! Who do I contact?

If you would like to discuss this opportunity before applying, please email [email protected], they will be happy to help.

Please complete this form to register your interest in joining this group. We will then get in touch to arrange a “get to know you chat” over Zoom to discuss the role and answer any questions you may have!

You are welcome to send your responses in audio or video format if preferred. If you need any help completing your expression of interest, you can get in touch with Krish Joshi, [email protected]

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What’s the deadline to apply?

5pm on Thursday 7th September 2023

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