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Mental Health and the Body Clock Survey

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What’s the project?

Circadian rhythms are vital for all life on earth. The sleep-wake cycle circadian rhythm is like our own internal body clock: it helps keep our sleep patterns consistent, aligns daily cycles of day and night (light and dark), in turn promoting good quality sleep.

There are several factors which can throw off our body clock , such as lack of sleep routine (going to bed late), shift work, medical conditions, use of alcohol and drugs. Sometimes these factors can lead to sleep problems, which can impact mental health. Many mental health problems (anxiety, depression and psychosis) are also associated with sleep problems, yet little is known about what mechanisms are behind these associations.


Find out more

Has a disrupted body clock impacted your mental health? Or has your mental health impacted your body clock? What questions would you like answered concerning mental health and the body clock?

The team are interested in discovering more about the importance of the relationship between mental health and the body clock through research and they would like your help to find out more. They want to know what matters most to people experiencing difficulties related to mental health and the body clock.

Your questions will help inform what future research should be focused on and they will help to shape research to benefit as many people as possible. The team would especially like to hear from anyone who has experience of mental health difficulties, experience of a disrupted body clock, and from anyone who supports individuals with these experiences (including family, friends, clinicians, clinical support staff).

. We will then share these priorities with everyone, so future research can focus on what is important.

Please consider taking part in our anonymous online survey if you:
  • Have experience of a disrupted body clock impacting your mental health or mental health that has impacted your body clock
  • Be aged 11 or older and live in the UK*
*If you are aged 11-17 and are interested in the survey, we encourage you to let a parent, guardian or carer know before taking part.

To access the survey – and more detailed information – please go to: Have Your Say | Circadian Mental Health Network or a direct link to the survey (

Saturday 15th June 2025

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