Central & North West London (CNWL) Research Partnership Group

Group type: 3. Institution or initiative-specific

Contact details

Named contact: Richard Watt

Email address:

Telephone: 020 3312 1658


Clarence Wing

St Mary’s Hospital

Praed St.


W2 1NY

Remit of the group

The remit of the group is to empower patients and carers to champion research across CNWL, though not all research will be led by CNWL. CNWL is a large NHS Foundation Trust offering both mental health, community and other services.

At present our membership is predominantly mental health, but we are working to change this.

Frequency of meetings

Meetings are about every 6 weeks

Who can consult the group?

Any researchers attached to a specific organisation may contact us but should bear in mind that patients and carers expect to be paid for their work.



The CNWL Research Partnership Group has only just started and has not yet produced any reports.

More about the group (optional)

Although the CNWL Research Partnership Group has only been going a few months, its membership is quite big, growing all the time, and keen to participate in research in a range of ways. As mentioned above, most of the membership is currently mental health patients or carers.