Cochrane Collaboration for Depression, Anxiety and Neurosis (CCDAN) Lay Summary Writers

Group type: 2. Project-specific

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Named contact: Jessica Sharp

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Telephone: 0117 331 3362 or 0117 33 10169


Centre for Academic Mental Health,

University of Bristol,

Oakfield House,

Oakfield Grove,



Remit of the group

The Clinical Research Network West of England Mental health and the Cochrane Collaboration for Depression, Anxiety and Neurosis (CCDAN) are working together to increase the accessibility of Cochrane Systematic Reviews. These reviews are internationally accepted as the gold standard in up-to-date evidence based health care.

Our group of service users and carers have lived experience or interest in the research areas covered by CCDAN. Their role is to peer review or re-write the authors’ lay summary to make it easy for everyone to understand. The new lay summary will be readable and free of difficult terminology and jargon.

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Ad hoc training, communications via internet

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