FAST-R Service

Group type: 3. Institution or initiative-specific

Contact details: Dr Sagar Jilka

Email address:

Telephone: 020 7848 0643


Institute of Psychiatry,


De Crespigny Park



Remit of the group

The FAST-R service is designed to provide mental health researchers with rapid service user and carer feedback on their research documents. This service is particularly useful for researchers who require service user and carer input prior to submitting their Ethics Application.

To access the FAST-R service, researchers need only submit their research documents via email to Documents might include:
• Research protocols
• Patient information sheets
• Consent forms
• Recruitment strategies
• Study promotional materials

Once the study documents have been sent, a meeting of 2-3 service user and carer reviewers will be convened and the documents will be reviewed. FAST-R feedback will then be sent back to the researcher within 7 working days!

All 25 FAST-R reviewers have received specialist training to offer constructive advice to researchers on how to improve study documents and help speed the regulatory approvals process.

To access the FAST-R service, email:

Frequency of meetings

Whenever a submission is received.

Who can consult the group?

All mental health researchers



Watch the FAST-R Video:

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The FAST-R service is funded and provided by NIHR Maudsley BRC (Biomedical Research Centre)