NIHR Public Contributors to NIHR research funding programmes based at NETSCC

Group type: 3. Institution or initiative-specific

Contact details

Named contact: Dr Doreen Tembo, Senior Programme Manager, Public & Patient Involvement

Email address:



National Institute for Health Research

Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre

University of Southampton

Alpha House

Enterprise Road


SO16 7NS

Remit of the group

We have two main ways in which public contributors can get involved. Firstly as public reviewers, who consider topics being developed for commissioning or research applications submitted by academic researchers. We also have public members on our all of our prioritisation panels and funding boards, some of whom will deal with research relating to mental health.

Reviewing opportunities are open to all who express an interest. Selection for public membership of boards and panels is by open competition.

Frequency of meetings

Reviewing is an intermittent opportunity, depending on the research topics or applications received.

Panel and board meetings take place three times per year.

Who can consult the group?

The public contributor roles in the NETSCC-hosted programmes are to support the research funding programme secretariat. Researchers needing assistance with the PPI element of their applications should consult their regional RDS or INVOLVE




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