Culturally-adapted Family Intervention (CaFI) Research Advisory Group, University of Manchester

Group type: 2. Project-specific

Contact details

Named contacts:  Paul Grey (RAG Chair and Service User Consultant), Amy Degnan (Research Project Manager) and Dawn Edge (Principal Investigator)

Email address:

Telephone: 0161 275 5224 or 07847 865 835


School of Psychological Sciences

Institute of Brain Behaviour and Mental Health

The University of Manchester

Room 3.306

Jean McFarlane Building

Oxford Road


M13 9PL

Remit of the group

The Research Advisory Group (RAG) is attached to a specific research project – Culturally-adapted Family Intervention (CaFI) for African Caribbean people diagnosed with schizophrenia and their families: A feasibility study of implementation and acceptability.

This is a three year study based at Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust (MMHSCT) and The University of Manchester. The research has been funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Health Service & Delivery Research (HS&DR) Programme.

Frequency of meetings

The RAG members meet regularly, around 4 times a year, at key points during the study and are often invited to comment on documents by email and mail.

Who can consult the group?

Only researchers working on this study can consult the RAG.





More about the group (optional)

The aims of having active involvement by service users, families/carers and advocates in the project will be to improve the quality, feasibility and practicality of our research by:

  • including the perspective of people from the African Caribbean community in the management and oversight of the project
  • ensuring that the cultural competence training includes service user and carer perspectives
  • ensuring recruitment and consent processes are appropriate for service users and families (biological and ‘proxy families’)
  • ensuring that our communication with the families and proxy families is accessible and acceptable
  • discussing and agreeing suitable forms of dissemination with service users and families, drawing on their knowledge and expertise to identify and access suitable outlets
  • ensuring the research documents (advertisement posters, participant information sheets, consent forms) are appropriate and accessible.

Rev Paul Grey is the RAG Chair as he has lived experience and expert knowledge of the subject matter. Paul has a wealth of experience delivering seminars, conferences and advising policy makers and service providers on the mental health of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities and their experience of services.

The RAG team comprises 7 other members who are:

  • current or previous service users diagnosed with schizophrenia or psychosis
  • current or previous carers of people diagnosed with schizophrenia or psychosis
  • community members/ activists/ advocates/ volunteers with experience supporting people diagnosed with schizophrenia and psychosis.

Currently, all our RAG members are of African Caribbean background (including those who self-identify as ‘Black-British’, ‘African Caribbean’ or ‘Mixed’ African Caribbean but who have at least one African Caribbean parent or grandparent) and have knowledge and understanding of the African Caribbean community.