Diamonds PPI Group, Bradford District Care Trust

Group type: 2. Project-specific

Contact details

Named contact: Angela Ross

Email address:

Telephone: 07588329185 or 01422 300650


Bradford District Care Trust

Research & Development

Lynfield Mount Hospital



Remit of the group

The patient and public involvement (PPI) group has the opportunity to get involved in all stages of the research, from identifying and understanding the problems, developing appropriate interventions, designing evaluations, securing further funding and conducting the research.

We are looking for more people to join our PPI group consisting of:

  • patients with both severe mental illness and type 2 diabetes and
  • carers for patients with severe mental illness and diabetes.

Frequency of meetings

Who can consult the group?

Researchers working on the DIAMONDS study.




More about the group (optional)

Diabetes is more than twice as common and has poorer outcomes in people with severe mental illness compared to the general population. The research project will develop and test an appropriate intervention designed to improve health outcomes and reduce complications associated with diabetes for people with severe mental illness.


The focus is on self-management of complex longer-term conditions including the use of tele-health technologies to improve patient outcomes. The CLAHRC YH Mental Health and Co-morbidities theme explores the interface between mental and physical ill health. The starting point is the repeated observation that people with severe mental illness frequently have the added burden of longer-term conditions such as diabetes, respiratory illness and ischaemic heart disease; and they have some of the worst health outcomes of any section of the population. The purpose of the theme is to identify and develop interventions to address this major health inequality.