Participation Panel (School of Psychology, Queens University Belfast)

Group type: 3. Institution or initiative-specific

Named contact: Michele Kavanagh

Email address:

Telephone: 028 9097 4869

Contact details

D.Clin.Psych. Assistant Course Director

School of Psychology

Queens University Belfast

David Keir Building

18-30 Malone Road

Belfast BT9 5BN

Remit of the group

Advisory group to Board of Studies within the Doctorate of Clinical Psychology Training Programme

Frequency of meetings 

Two Panel meetings a year and smaller working group meetings

Who can consult the group?

Commissioners, practitioners, and research collaborators


This group was awarded funding to set up a leadership curriculum for involvement see:

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Queen’s University Belfast

The School of Psychology

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

User and Carer Involvement Sub-Committee: Participation Panel

Terms of Reference and Membership

The Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Training Programme at The Queen’s University of Belfast recognises the importance of involving service users and carers in informing the training and development of trainee clinical psychologists.  The terms of reference for the Participation Forum and Network are formulated in order that it can support the implementation of the participation strategy.

These include:

  1. To act in an advisory capacity to the Board of Studies and the Course Director.
  2. To promote awareness and create an expectation that user and carer expertise is important to the delivery of clinical psychology training.
  3. This expectation should inform and influence the course ethos, organisation and delivery of training.
  4. As a subcommittee of the Board of Studies the panel will report to it on an annual basis.  In doing so it will also contribute to the overall quality assurance of training and processing of BPS accreditation.
  5. The panel will consider reports from the curriculum, research, selection and placement subcommittees as well as informing the work of these panels either via direct representation (e.g. as currently on the selection and research panels) or through other channels of communication.
  6. Membership will include at least one member of the course team (service user coordinator), at least one trainee and up to four service users / carers. The latter should reflect the diversity of people that clinical psychologists work with and alongside.
  7. The panel will meet at least twice a year and provide representation to the biannual Board of Studies
  8. User and carer representatives will receive payment for time in accordance with the same rates received by other external contributors to the course.

The terms of reference and membership should be reviewed annually.