Service user and carer (health) involvement group, Swansea University

Group type: 3. Institution or initiative-specific

Contact details

Named contact: Julia Terry

Email address:

Telephone: 01792 51 8561


College of Human & Health Sciences

Swansea University

Singleton Park



Remit of the group

Strategic objectives:

  • to engage with health care users and carers, health care providers and communities to ensure that the full range of contemporary needs and expectations are integral to education, practice and research development within the College.
  • to promote and develop service user and carer participation across education programs
  • to develop ethically sound and appropriately supported policies to support service user and carer involvement in College activities
  • to develop service user involvement strategies which are cost effective and consistent with the strategic objectives of the College
  • to promote a service user and carer culture that is sustainable, involving ongoing recruitment, increasing local networks with individuals and user and carer groups
  • to promote an ethos of service user and carer involvement across the College, and where possible the wider university, so it becomes central to our working practices
  • to expand service user and carer involvement within our programs to include relevant groups and organisations within the locality, in order to meet specific requirements for programmes requiring regulation.
  • to promote and undertake service user and carer involvement in research.

Frequency of meetings

Every 2-3 months

Who can consult the group?

Any staff or student with an idea or request for involvement in teaching, research or education.



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