University/User Teaching and Research Action Partnership (UNTRAP)

Group type: 3. Institution or initiative-specific

Contact details

Named contact: Dr Judith Purkis. UNTRAP coordinator

Email address:

Telephone: 02476 151145


Room 107

The Farmhouse

Gibbet Hill Campus

University of Warwick


Remit of the group

UNTRAP (University/User Teaching and Research Action Partnership) is a partnership between users of health and social care services, carers, and academic staff at the University of Warwick.

The organisation promotes and facilitates the engagement and involvement of service users and carers from the local community in research, teaching and governance in Health and Social Care at the University of Warwick.

The message of UNTRAP is that everyone will benefit if service users, carers, academics and professionals work together in teaching and research.

Frequency of meetings

The UNTRAP steering committee normally meets three times a year.

Who can consult the group?

Academics and organisations who wish to involve service users and/or carers in their teaching or research activities can send out a call for involvement through UNTRAP.

Initial requests for user-involvement are to be sent to the UNTRAP co-ordinator, who will distribute the call to all members. For information about the process of sending out calls and advice on what to include in the role description, please contact the co-ordinator by email: or phone: 024 765 23164.

For researchers applying for NIHR funding, information about involvement activities at different stages of the research process can be found on our website.




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