Together We Can

Group type: 1. Open consultative

Contact details

Named contact: Joseph Alderdice

Email address:

Telephone: 0113 237 4508


Leeds Involving People

Ground Floor Unit 8

Gemini Park

Sheepscar Way



Remit of the group

Together We Can is a network of people with lived experience of accessing (or trying to access) mental health services and support in Leeds. It is supported by Leeds Involving People and brings the expertise of lived experience to strategic forums including the Leeds Mental Health Partnership Board. The network has at its centre an Expert Advisory Group, which oversees activities including focus groups, surveys and social media.

Frequency of meetings

The Expert Advisory Group meets monthly.

Who can consult the group?

The group works primarily in partnership with commissioners and senior decision-makers in Leeds. Members would consider opportunities to contribute to work that strengthens the influence of service users and carers in high-level service/policy development, but the group has little capacity to be consulted regularly.


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