Side by Side: A National Evaluation of Peer Support

We completed in 2017 an evaluation of community based peer support, jointly with St George’s University of London. It was commissioned by Mind, and funded by the Big Lottery Fund. Several reports were produced and a toolkit.

There are two short summaries:

side-by-side-visual summary

side-by-side-early-research-findings-summary short

This report is a full summary of the evaluation and includes an afterword from our peer research team:


Finally the full report is also available – its over 400 pages long! side-by-side-final-impact-evaluation report

Mental Health Peer Health Coaching

We were commissioned in 2017 to evaluate a pilot study introducing peer coaching into a primary care setting. The project was designed and delivered by peers, and we drew on a peer research model within the evaluation as well.

Mental Health Peer Health Coaching Initiative – Evaluation

Peer Mentoring Service at Camden VoiceAbility – A Qualitative Evaluation

We were commissioned to explore the experience of mentors and mentees involved in a project run by the charity Voiceability based in Camden. Our report is available below.

Camden VoiceAbility Peer Mentoring Programme