Sorcha Mahony

Sorcha has worked in social research for over 20 years, specialising in the use of qualitative and ethnographic methods to understand the lives of young people and their families living in poverty, in the UK and abroad. She is particularly interested in how macro level structures, systems and inequalities play out, and are challenged, in the microcosm of everyday life – especially within the psychological realm. 

Sorcha is passionate about the use of creative writing and storytelling in the context of social research, and has published two books drawing on this approach (Life in the Debt Trap and Searching for a Better Life). She is committed to using social research in order to try and improve policy, services and public attitudes towards groups who are marginalised or disadvantaged in some way. 

At McPin Sorcha works on research and evaluation projects exploring mental health in the context of parenting. She has a PhD in Social Anthropology and a Masters degree in Research Methods from the University of Bath, a Masters degree in International Development from SOAS, and a Bachelors degree in Combined Arts from Liverpool University. She lives in South East London with her two children and their cats, and dreams of living by the sea.