Suicide Prevention & Bereavement Support

What is this research?

We have collaborated on a number of projects looking at how suicide can be prevented and how people who are bereaved by suicide are supported. These include:

  • Using funds from the Judi Meadows Memorial Fund we are supporting, with the University of Exeter, a PhD studentship examining how GPs can identify and better support people who are in psychological distress and may be at risk from suicide.  You can read more about that project here.
  • Using funds raised in memory of Gwenyth Gibby to support, with the ESRC, a PhD studentship at UCL looking at the informal support people receive when they are bereaved by suicide. Read more about this project here.
  • Producing for the National Suicide Prevention Alliance and Public Health England a guide to evaluating local bereavement support services.

Why is this research important?

At least 6,500 people die from suicide in the UK each year. Many more will experience suicidal thoughts, which can be extremely distressing.

Many tens of thousands of people are bereaved by suicide each year. This has a large effect on people’s mental wellbeing, and is linked to an increased risk of suicide or mental health problems.

What are we doing?

We can host funds set up to raise money for research into suicide prevention (or any other mental health issue) and help identify and fund relevant high quality research projects.

We can also provide evaluation and research support to existing or potential suicide prevention services.