Support, Comprehensive Care and EmpowErment for people with psychosocial Disabilities in sub-Saharan Africa (SUCCEED Africa)

What is this project?

Support, Comprehensive Care and EmpowErment for people with psychosocial Disabilities in sub-Saharan Africa (SUCCEED Africa) is a research consortium that aims to develop and evaluate an enhanced package of care for people with psychosocial disabilities in the region.

SUCCEED Africa supports four countries in sub-Saharan Africa to become regional leaders in research and policy on psychosocial disabilities, with a focus on psychosis.  

The project starts with the premise that people with psychosis, their families and communities, are the “experts by experience” who are best-positioned to define their needs and how to address them, with support from “experts by profession” such as researchers, practitioners and policymakers.

Why is this project important?

One of the most pressing issues in research on psychosocial disabilities is under-involvement of people with lived experience and their families in the Global South. Studies in which people with lived experience and people with professional experience work together have played important roles in health care reform in high-income countries.

However, the evidence base for “what works” to improve involvement in Lower Middle Income Countries is weak at best. In order to perform more than just lip-service to the principle of “nothing about us without us”, more Lower Middle Income Countries evidence and experience must be generated on how to enable disempowered groups to have a genuine input into research.

How are McPin and people with lived experience of mental health problems involved in the project?

McPin’s role in SUCCEED will be in supporting the voice of people with lived experience in the research carried out by SUCCEED, guiding its overall direction, and considering specific issues that arise.  This will include the set-up and support of a Lived Experience Advisory Panel (LEAP).

The LEAP is made up of representatives with lived experience nominated from the four countries involved in the study, as well as from international organisations representing people with psychosocial disabilities.

The LEAP will support the project delivery team by providing ongoing input into decision-making, forming a key accountability mechanism for the project, and will be structured to be independent. The LEAP will also be represented in the Consortium Advisory Group, which oversees the project.

What is the current status of the project? 

The project has held two LEAP meetings so far. These meetings have helped establish the membership of the group and inform the review of the study protocol for ethics review.

Where can I find more information?

If you would like more information on the project, please visit the SUCCEED web page.

For more information on the developmental evaluation and any further queries about the project please contact Dan Robotham