2nd December 2016 Blog

Using lived experience as a researcher can be "both a blessing and a curse"

Richard Currie is a researcher who is working with McPin on a number of projects that make use of both his research skills and his expertise from experience. In this brief video produced for our PPI in research week he talks with Rose about how he does this. They explore how his lived experience helps to complement his research skills and makes him a better interviewer, but also the need to sometimes put aside one’s own experiences and to look objectively at what the data is saying. These are challenges that any researcher faces, whether using a peer research approach or not. Richard uses the term Peer Researcher to describe himself. We decided as an organisation to stop using Peer Researcher in our job titles. We encourage all our researchers to be reflexive about their lived experience in the way Richard describes, and to use a peer research methodology when it is appropriate. Our Research Director Vanessa Pinfold has blogged about how we reached that decision. Richard Currie talks with his manager Rose Thompson about what it means to him to use lived experience in research. Film Maker: Rose Thompson