Are you a researcher wanting to work with young people?

Are you interested in involving young people in your research?

McPin regularly collaborates with people on their projects about young people’s mental health.  Our young people’s network is formed of over 200 young people across the UK, including those with experience of mental health problems. Everyone who has signed up is interested in hearing about involvement opportunities. We also have several existing Young People’s Advisory Groups at McPin working on a range of projects.

McPin can help you involve young people in your research. We can:

  1. collaborate with you to build public involvement plans into your research proposal
  2. arrange for you to speak with young people about your research project by recruiting through our young people’s network (this includes both participation and involvement opportunities) and we can share the opportunity on our social media
  3. bring your research idea to one of our existing Young People’s Advisory Group meetings (if there is one scheduled). We would strongly encourage you to attend as well if you can
  4. provide some written feedback by asking young people with relevant lived experience to review your research proposal idea

Guide to working with young people

Our team, alongside members of the McPin YPAG (Young People’s Advisory Group), have co-produced a guide to working with young people in research meetings. Inside, you’ll find ten top tips ranging from planning to payment to flexibility and training.

Get in touch with us!

If you are interested in any of these options, please complete this form and send it to Rachel: . We are a busy team, so if you are hoping to collaborate with us in your research proposal, we ask that you get in touch as early as possible (i.e., at least a month before the deadline of the funding stream that you are applying for)

If you are just interested in recruiting young people to participate in your existing research, you can complete this template instead. Please remember to state whether you have ethical approval for your research.

If you are unsure about which form you are required to complete, you can contact Rachel.

Note: we will use our discretion with regards to which opportunities we send to our network. We will base this decision on a number of factors, including whether the research aligns with our values as an organisation and the interests of the network.