Current opportunities for young people

Become an Involvement Representative at the North East London NHS Foundation Trust (NELFT)!

NELFT need as many young people as possible so they can help shape the design and delivery of future services. As an involvement representative, NELFT will offer a range of opportunities for those who use the services to share their views, ideas and expertise.
You could be involved in – Staff recruitment, serving on committees and working groups, supporting service development, consultation on trust policies, making sure information for patients and carers is clear.
You can choose which activities you wish to participate in and how much time to give.

To find out more and apply, click here.

Payment: Payment is made for your time by the hour. The rate is the national minimum wage which is currently £9.50.

Deadline: No deadline.

Join a Steering Group for a Study Investigating the Barriers of Implementing Evidence-Based Approaches in Mental Health Care into Practice

The University of Oxford are working with researchers at the McPin Foundation to conduct a study instigating why evidence-based approaches don’t always get put into practice.

They are looking for one young person aged 18 – 24 with experience of mental health problems and are or have used mental health services to join the project’s steering group.

To find out more and apply, click here.

Payment: £20 per hour

Deadline: 5pm Friday 13th May 2022

Take part in a study focusing on the use of digital mental health care services for children and young people

The Centre for Collaborative Innovation in Dementia is conducting an NIHR-funded “CYP as One” research project in collaboration with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, in Liverpool.

The study aims to further facilitate digital mental health care and support digital mental health services, for children and young people and explore participants` everyday needs to help improve the existing design of digital platforms.

The research team are inviting individuals aged 16-19 and parents of under 16’s who currently reside in Liverpool of Sefton to take part in a series of informal group conversations, surrounding the topic of the use of digital platforms in mental health care.

To find out more and apply, click here

Payment: £25 e-voucher for participation in each of the online focus groups.

Deadline: 10pm Friday 20th May 2022.

Take part in a creative study focusing on sharing Black student’s experiences

Sarah Gordon, a researcher from the University of Nottingham, is currently inviting Black undergraduate students to participate in my PhD study. She will use creative, interactive activities to work with students and explore valuable insights from their university experiences. The study will be looking at the challenges Black students face and the impact of those challenges on their emotional and mental wellbeing. You’ll be doing this online in spaces she has designed and illustrated for the study.

As you are experts of your own experiences, the outcome of this study will be steered by your input. She would like to know what you want to share and how you want to share it. There’s the optional extra activity of becoming part of the design team, providing feedback what you will discuss will be turned into digital content.

To find out more and apply, click here

Deadline: Please apply for the first phase by 5pm Monday 2nd May 2022. Please apply for the second phase by 9am Friday 27th May 2022.

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