What to expect at a Young People’s Network Zoom meeting

Image: Rachael Percival, Amvia

Now that most of us are working from home, our meetings will be held online for the foreseeable future. This includes research advisory group meetings, which are the main way that we do involvement work with young people.

Here are a few things that we would like you to know about working with us in Young People’s Network Zoom meetings:

  • Contribute how you most feel comfortable: We recognise it can be daunting to join a Zoom call. You may prefer not to speak and instead contribute your ideas through the chat feature. Our young people’s team are experienced with this setup and will happily facilitate the meeting in this way.
  • Please take breaks when you need to! We understand that Zoom meetings can be tiring. So if you need to take a break then please do! There is more about this in the ground rules that we use for meetings. 
  • We’ll need an emergency contact for you: This is so that we can check you’re ok if we have a serious concern for your safety or wellbeing. We will always try to speak with you first, before going ahead and contacting your emergency contact. If we still cannot get in touch with you, then we will use the emergency contact. We will always try to let you know if we have contacted them.

    When requesting emergency contact details, we will ask you what information you are happy with us sharing with your emergency contact and try to respect this. Confidentiality will be respected at all times, except in circumstances where we think you are at risk of immediate harm to yourself or others.
  • We’ll need parent/guardian’s consent for you to work with us if you are under 16 years old. We’ll need their permission to offer payment, too. Your parent or guardian may wish us to pay you in a particular way (i.e. bank transfer/vouchers/ etc). We will need to respect their wishes
  • We’ll always prepare you for our calls as best we can: This means providing you with any prep documents (i.e agenda with scheduled breaks, plus research documents)at least a week ahead of the meeting, so you know exactly what to expect. We’ll also offer 1:1 calls before and after the meeting.
  • The payment for meetings may be dependent on you completing preparation work beforehand or follow up work. This might be something like reading a research summary document and answering some questions about it. We use this work to help people prepare for, and get the most out of, meetings. You will be informed about what work you are expected to complete at least a week before the meeting.
  • We have ground rules for every Zoom meeting to make the space as comfortable and inclusive as possible, for everybody.  You can access them here.
  • Please be on time! We want everyone in a group to be a part of the whole meeting. If there’s an emergency or a pressing reason you’re late or can’t attend, that’s fine – we understand that these things happen. Please just make sure you update us about this where possible. We may ask you for a follow-up call or to do a written task so that you can catch up with what happened in the meeting and make sure you have a say in whatever was discussed. We ask that if you are late then you do not attend if we are more than half-way through the meeting. If you cannot attend all of a meeting then you may be offered payment on a pro-rata basis. But the amount may be different to that offered for attendance at the original meeting
  • We want and need your feedback! After the meeting, we kindly ask you to complete an anonymous survey (by survey, we only really mean to open questions) about how you found the experience. Your feedback will help to make the meetings even better in the future. We’ll send you the menti link before and after the meeting

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