What is Eco-Anxiety and what can we do to help it?

By Anonymous


We all know what climate change is and the effects it’s having on the planet but what about the effects it’s having on our mental health?



Having concerns about the environment is perfectly natural and it is never a bad thing to be more aware of your surroundings and the impact we are having, however; for some people, it can be a crippling fear. Over the recent years, the anxiety disorder known as Eco-Anxiety has seen monumental raise. It’s no surprise this is happening just looking at the news or reading an article will provide you with plenty of information to make you uneasy about what the future of our home is.


While working abroad in a wildlife sanctuary I saw the full effects of climate change take place from having a three-month draught and more jungle being cut down. This really hit me hard and ever since the earth and its state terrifies me.


There are ways to help control your anxiety. Remember that you can make a difference, it may be small and won’t save the world straight away, but if you do it someone else might too. In the end, those small changes will accumulate to a bigger one and help a change in the right direction. Make a small change every day that will help impact the environment in a positive way. Imagine if everyone did this?


Even getting outside and reconnecting with what we still have out there can help, there is an abundance of wildlife and natural spaces left for us to enjoy. Even if it’s just the local park you can still find the beauty and it will help remind you what it is you love about are earth and not just what scares you. There is an abundance of evidence that shows a positive link between being out in nature and keeping active which can help to reduce or in some cases, prevent mental health problems such as stress and depression.


In my personal mission to help our planet, I have been boycotting brands that contribute towards deforestation and other climate issues and joined my local Greenpeace volunteer group. While this might not be practical for everyone to do or have the resources, finding your own personal ways to contribute towards reducing your impact can help to reduce the anxiety you feel about the global issues and health of the planet.