What research you would like to see into personality disorder and autism? Completing the survey will help our partners, Words that Carry On, decide what to fund. Deadline is 15th February!

Improving lives through virtual reality therapy

People experiencing psychosis may find social situations difficult. We are facilitating public involvement to guide a study exploring whether virtual reality could help

Make a difference and fund life-changing mental health research.

We need people who have been affected by mental health problems to get involved in research studies as participants or advisers.

We recently revealed the Top 10 questions for young people’s mental health research. Here is why it is so vital they get answered, by staff and members of our Young People’s Advisory Group

We want to make sure young people are involved in research that has the potential to affect them, so it reflects their true priorities and concerns. Find out how you can get involved

Our first ever Young People’s Involvement Bulletin is here. It is packed full of opportunities for children and young people to get involved with mental health research