Interested in how inflammation in our bodies can sometimes affect mental health? Check out this explainer, written by service users and McPin, that answers some common questions

Our research director Vanessa Pinfold reflects on equality in the mental health research sector, inspirational women and the LancetWomen event

Make a difference and fund life-changing mental health research.

We need people who have been affected by mental health problems to get involved in research studies as participants or advisers.

We are looking for an exceptional ‘people-person’ to join our team as Operations Manager. The role is 3 days a week, based in the London office. A keen interest in mental health is required!

We want to make sure young people are involved in research that has the potential to affect them, so it reflects their true priorities and concerns. Find out how you can get involved

Our latest Involvement Bulletin is here. It is packed full of opportunities for you to get involved with mental health research with McPin and others. Jobs and post-graduate opportunities too!