25th March 2024 Blog

'A citadel of restless souls': have your say on sleep and mental health

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For the launch of a new survey on sleep and mental health, we asked members of our sleep and circadian rhythms Lived Experience Advisory Panel why they think sleep and mental health go hand-in-hand.

In the second blog, Amy shares her thoughts and a poem she’s written.

The connection between sleep and good mental health is being talked about more – but where should research focus next?

This is the central question of a new project which brings together a network of experts (researchers, clinicians, service-users and young people) on sleep, circadian rhythms and mental health to discuss this, and lots more.

To get the project started, a new survey has been launched. We want to hear about your experiences of mental health and your body clock – to take part and share your thoughts find out more here.

By sharing what you feel is most important about mental health and the body clock, your thoughts will steer the direction of future research in this area.

In the meantime, here is the second of the project’s Lived Experience Advisory Panel (LEAP) talking about the importance of, and link between, sleep and mental health.


This poem is about insomnia, the body clock and mental health. I think anyone experiencing issues with their sleep, body clock and mental health should complete this survey.

Contributing to this “Citadel of restless souls” will mean you’re not only a cool person but, as a fellow insomniac I want to be part of meaningful research that is interested in my lived experience.

If you feel this relates to you. Why not help to shape research with what is needed to make an impact – YOUR lived experience.

Communicate the information you think people don’t know. You might be giving answers to questions research hasn’t even thought about!


We can’t see the scars on our tailor-made vignette.

With closed shutters, I unknowingly cast a shadow beacon.


My silhouette crawls out of bed each night.

In search of other melancholy carbon copies.


I hope to trace others like me.

To discover if the shape of our need matches.

Align with my desire to fill my growing crater.


I travel via moonlight and whisker hopes.

I heard tales of a Nirvana for the restless.


Countless, curious connections.

In this mirrored phantom-community.

Where the sleep walkers gather.


In search for Slumber land’s sustenance.

We exchange midnight stories and faded tender moments.


Then reunite with our organic form before sunrise.

Each Nightfall, I visit The Citadel of Restless Souls.

In search of tranquillity.

The survey is open until 15th June 2024. Find out more about the project here and take part in the survey here.

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