We exist to transform mental health research

The McPin Foundation is a mental health research charity. We believe research is done best when it involves people with relevant personal experience that relates to the research being carried out. We call this ‘lived experience’ and integrate this into our work.

What we do

Our work is inspired by our vision of a mental health system in which research and services are shaped by people with relevant personal experience that relates to the research being carried out or the service being designed. We do this by:

  • Delivering high-quality mental health research and evaluations that use collaborative methods
  • Supporting and helping to shape the research of others, often advising on strategies to involve expertise from lived experience
  • Working to ensure mental health research achieves positive change by influencing methods, practice, and decision making in mental health research

What would you like to explore?

Working with us

Looking for a mental health research partner with expertise in peer research? We can help with training, public involvement work, hosting and more.

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Research involvement opportunities

Help design and influence research using your lived experience of mental health issues.

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Our projects

We explore treatments for paranoia, how virtual reality can help with psychosis, how we can better tackle loneliness in our communities and more.

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Young People's Network

If you're aged 13-25 and interested in shaping the mental health of children and young people, sign up to the Young People's Network.

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Patient and public involvement training with McPin

Our Spring 2024 training programme is for researchers in any field looking to ensure good quality involvement that avoids tokenism and genuinely embeds lived experience knowledge into research projects. Now booking.