McPin Involvement Network

A community of people with lived experience of mental health issues who are passionate about shaping mental health research and involvement.

Two people sitting next to each other at a cafe table, talking

What is the McPin Involvement Network?

The McPin Involvement Network is a community of people with lived experience of mental health issues who are keen to shape how mental health research is done. Through the network, we provide opportunities for involvement and occasionally participation opportunities, although that’s not the network’s core focus. We send out quarterly news with updates from the world of mental health research involvement as well as training opportunities, conferences and webinars.

Are you part of the Young People’s Network? Our Young People’s Network works with people ages 13-28. The McPin Involvement Network can offer continued involvement with us at McPin or our partners for those of you who are 18+ and may be ageing out of the Young People’s Network. If you’re 28 and under, you can be a member of both networks.

What does involvement mean?

In our work, when we say involvement we mean that the people with lived experience of a research topic directly shape the research itself.

People with lived experience are involved with designing and/or carrying out that research, alongside (or as part of) the research team. Involvement refers to research with or by lived experience partners.

In research, participation is different from involvement. Participation means individuals consent to formally take part in the research, by answering interview questions or filling out surveys, for example.

What benefits are there to joining the Involvement Network?

  • You will have access to a regular range of opportunities and can choose to get involved as much or as little as you would like
  • You will become part of a community. In time we will offer access to learning opportunities such as McPin-led webinars.
  • You will be part of a network which prioritises diversity
  • Have a say in how the network develops
  • Learn more about mental health and research
  • Meet and work with new people, including those with similar experiences to yourself
  • Work with and learn from researchers, academics and other mental health professionals
  • Be reimbursed for your time! The opportunities we will tell you about tend to offer payment (each individual involvement opportunity will provide details).

What type of involvement opportunities might there be

  • Being part of an a lived experience research advisory group or panel
  • Co-producing research projects
  • Being an advocate for lived experience in mental health research
  • Job opportunities in research
  • Participation in research – requests to take part in research
  • Small, occasional tasks supporting McPin’s work, such as reviewing a proposal, attending a planning meeting, writing a blog, helping create a visual output, and summarising research findings
  • Opportunities to join webinars and events