Public involvement

We have extensive experience involving lived experience experts of all ages in research, from supporting Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) strategies to setting up advisory groups and more.

Public involvement at McPin

We have extensive experience involving lived experience experts of all ages in research, including advising and producing Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) strategies, and running peer review panels.

We have set up public involvement programmes of work on a wide range of topics from psychosis and paranoia to depression and anxiety, about sleep and physical health as well as new talking therapies and new models of collaborative care. We have launched the McPin Involvement Network that focuses on research involving adults.

As well as supporting involvement in research focusing on adults we regularly collaborate on projects about young people’s mental health. Find out how you can work with our Young People’s Network below.

Involving young people in your research

Our Young People’s Network is formed of over 250 young people across the UK, including those with experience of mental health issues. To help with your project we can:

  • Collaborate with you to build public involvement plans into your research proposal
  • Arrange for you to speak with young people about your research project by recruiting through our network
  • Bring your research idea to one of our existing Young People’s Advisory Group* meetings
  • Provide written feedback by asking young people with relevant lived experience to review your research proposal idea

Interested in involving young people in your work?

Please fill out an online form and someone from the Young People's team will be in touch. Please submit the form as early as possible, at least a month before any funding deadlines.

Not sure if you’re asking for young people’s participation or their involvement in your research?

In our work, when we say involvement we mean that the people with lived experience of a research topic directly shape the research. Participation can mean that individuals simply take part in the research, by answering questions and supplying data, for example. Still unsure? Get in touch with the Young People’s team lead, Rachel Temple: [email protected]

*About our Advisory Group. The McPin Young People’s Advisory Group (YPAG) consists of 20 members aged 13-28 from across the country, all of which have experience of different mental health issues. is at the centre of our youth involvement programme. Its role is quite different to our project-specific YPAGs, who are recruited specifically to advise on a particular project from start to finish. Find out more about the YPAG here.

A bird's-eye view of young people seated in a circle on a wooden floor. They are talking animatedly.

Interested in recruiting young people to participate in your existing research?

Please download the advertisement template and return to us via email so we can forward to our network.

Remember to state if you have ethical approval for your research.

Please note, we pass on opportunities to our Young People’s Network that align with our values as an organisation and the interests of the network.

Enquire about working with us

We are always excited to hear from others who want to collaborate on mental health research. From delivering peer research to helping you with public involvement strategies and providing training, get in touch to chat.