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Our survey has now closed. Thank you to everyone that took part and/or shared it with their colleagues, friends and family.


To reshape young people’s mental health research, by identifying what the top ten priorities should be. By working together, we will end up with a list of ten research questions. These will be shared with researchers and organisations which fund mental health research.

Latest news…

  • 14/4/18
    Today, we worked with our Young People’s Advisory Group to analyse your responses and to design the second survey.
  • 24/3/18
    Our team are busy working through your 5500 responses from the first survey! These responses will be used to format survey two, out in June.
  • 4/7/18                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              We closed our second survey this afternoon. We will now be analysing the results, shortlisting a Top 25 of questions, ready for our final project workshop on Monday, 16th July. This will involve young people, parents, teachers and mental health professionals coming together to decide on the Final Top Ten Questions, ready for all researchers and funders to see.


Why are we doing this?

Despite problems rising, young people’s mental health receives little research or funding. While it is important that more is spent on research, we want to make sure that the few resources we have are used effectively to answer the questions that matter the most.

We believe that research is more effective when it directly involves those that it will affect. This is why we are involving young people with experience of mental health issues, carers, parents and professionals who have an interest in young people’s mental health, by allowing them to have their voices heard. Eventually, we want researchers to answer your top 10 most important questions on young people’s mental health.



Who is involved in this project?

This partnership project brings together young people, carers, parents, and professionals who have an interest in young people’s mental health. We also work with a Young People’s Advisory Group who, in collaboration with the steering group, meet regularly to discuss and make decisions about the project.

We are working with a wide range of Project Partners who help spread the word about the project, helping us give more people a chance to have an impact on the future of young people’s mental health research.

‘Right People, Right Questions’ is a James Lind Alliance project, led by the McPin Foundation. This project is supported and co-funded by the McPin Foundation, MQ, Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, The Matthew Elvidge Trust, and Mental Health Research UK. We are also supported by Minervation, Cochrane, University of Manchester, Royal College of Psychiatrists, Lambeth Academy, and the British Association of Social Workers.


Get Involved

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Want to know more about this methodology?

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If you would like to know more or have any questions, please contact Lauren Evans, Project Co-ordinator (E: T: 020 79227877). If you wish to sign up to receive updates on the project, please email