21st September 2023 News

Partnership helps young people take the lead against youth violence

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The Peer Action Collective (PAC) is a network of young people across England and Wales, working hard to make their communities safer, fairer places.

Since 2021, over 6,800 young people have been taking action on the big issues leading to serious youth violence.

With a further £7.5m investment, from the Youth Endowment Fund, #iwill Fund (a joint investment between The National Lottery Community Fund and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport) and Co-op, PAC will now impact the lives of more than 11,000 young people aged 10 to 25.

McPin and the Peace Alliance are working in partnership as the local Delivery Partners in London, working to support young people to take the lead in further research and social action on youth violence through the lens of education.

Our topic: Education

We know that school is an important part of young people lives, and that engagement with education can have an impact on young people’s experiences of youth violence.

Through PAC, young people will take the lead on investigating issues and solutions related to education and turning what they find into action. Peer Researchers will design and carry out research with young people who have experiences and opinions to share.

Social Action Leads will create social action projects with Changemakers to tackle some of the most persistent issues young people face in education.

During the first PAC delivery, we saw young people co-create youth violence strategies, campaign for change in their local communities and create safe spaces for young people.

We will build on this work to continue to collaborate with young people to affect local and national change.

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