29th June 2023 News

New briefing paper: Developing support for people with ongoing mental health needs

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Front page of the PARTNERS2 Briefing, with the title in white text on a blue background: Working in community mental health systems supporting people with severe mental illness

McPin has launched a new briefing paper that explores our learnings from the Care Partners Research Programme.

The project, called PARTNERS, aimed to develop better ways of supporting people with ongoing mental health needs such as schizophrenia, bipolar or other psychoses, within GP practices.

The approach the PARTNERS project developed is known as collaborative care, and combined recovery-focused coaching with proactive follow-up and integrated primary care, and secondary healthcare liaison.

We know that care for people with severe mental illness is fragmented. Many individuals are discharged to primary care and do not receive specialist mental health support. In 2012, 31% had no contact with secondary care and rates of discharge appear to have increased since then.

The briefing details the PARTNERS care model main components (person-centred, strengths-based; proactive engagement and support; working across systems boundaries) as well as our processes and learnings. The briefing also highlights the strong lived-experience expertise that was essential to the project.

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