9th August 2023 News

McPin turns ten: Our 10 for 10 resources

10 for 10 • Lived experience •
12 colourful icons created for McPin's 10 for 10 resources

This year we celebrate 10 years of bringing lived experience to the heart of mental health research. For McPin’s tenth birthday we are sharing our learnings through ten resources that we hope will inform and inspire, as well as create discussion.  

Covering using lived experience in the workplace (available now); reflections on co-production and peer research; what wellbeing at work means to McPin; and more, the resources will be released over the next six months. 

Importantly, the 10 for 10 resources are not ‘how to’ guides. Two years in the making, this collection has encouraged us to navigate difference of opinion, even amongst co-authors. The process sparked conversation and growth, and we believe the results have more depth and nuance. 

Since April 2013 we have grown from a six-person team to a network of staff, collaborators and partners covering the UK, with friends across the globe. McPin staff, past and present, have been instrumental in bringing this collection together. 

These resources reflect McPin’s ways of working over the last ten years, and we hope to continue to learn. We aim to be mental health research pioneers with every interaction, project or partnership an opportunity for us to innovate, reflect and grow. 

10 for 10: Using lived experience in the workplace

The resources in our 10 for 10 collection are:

  1. Using lived experience in the workplace: How staff lived experiences are shaping work at McPin
  2. Coproduction at McPin: Reflections and learning over 10 years 
  3. Peer Research at McPin: Our approach, reflections and learning over 10 years 
  4. Public Involvement in mental health research at McPin: Reflections and learning over 10 years
  5. Research Involvement Groups: McPin’s models and learning, and linked resource,  Recruiting for diversity
  6. Working as a co-researcher at McPin: Shaping young people’s mental health research
  7. Young People’s meeting guide
  8. Wellbeing at work: What does it mean at McPin? and linked resources: Mentors and mentees (podcast); Neurodivergent meeting guide: A McPin lived experience perspective  
  9. McPin’s journey towards antiracism
  10. An Ode to Peer Research at McPin: You got the Power!: Dedicated to those have crafted their pain into power (video)
Read the first resource on using lived experience in the workplace