28th February 2024 News

Together we call on political parties to build a mentally healthier nation

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Graphic of a loudspeaker. Text: We're calling on political parties to make a major commitment to mental health in their manifestos. Let's build a mentally healthier nation.

McPin is now one of over sixty organisations who have joined together to influence party political manifestos ahead of the General Election. The new Manifesto for a Mentally Healthier Nation lays out a compelling and powerful vision for better mental health and improved mental health services.

The manifesto suggests focusing on prevention, equality and support:

Prevention: By improving economic and environmental circumstances, especially for the poorest people, we can reduce mental and physical illnesses. Investing in more powerful public health infrastructure is also key to preventing illness and promoting better health.

Equality: The burden of mental ill health does not fall equally, with poorer, racialised and other marginalised communities being disproportionately affected, and people with severe mental illness living 20 years less than average. The next government can reduce inequalities by taking meaningful measures to tackle discrimination and promote fairness.

Support: With the right support from properly resourced services, people are more likely to enjoy better mental health outcomes. Support needs to be boosted with a long-term investment in mental health services, significantly reduced waiting times and more local services.

McPin joins the other signatories in calling for a ten-year cross-government strategy in order to improve mental illness, to tackle mental health inequalities and improve services.

We need a focus on prevention – which includes addressing the cost of living crisis and a progressive welfare system that is constructive not punitive.

McPin’s research director and co-founder, Vanessa Pinfold, said:

“We are pleased to join this coalition of major mental health charities to set out a plan for action to improve our nation’s mental health. These are not new suggestions – people with mental health issues know what is needed. Researchers, clinicians, practitioners, parents, advocates and campaigners know what is needed. We need a focus on prevention – which includes addressing the cost of living crisis and a progressive welfare system that is constructive not punitive.

Tackling inequality starts with reform of the Mental Health Act and creating supports that address intersectional needs bespoke to people and communities – not a one-size-fits-all approach. At McPin we will continue to bring lived experience expertise into research that can shape solutions and conversations. We hope that the next government is ready for sustained change because mental health is too important to ignore.”


Read the full Manifesto for a Mentally Healthier Nation on the Centre for Mental Health’s website: Manifesto for a mentally healthier nation – Centre for Mental Health