8th November 2023 News

New resources available: PPI and Research Involvement Groups

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Over 10 years McPin has learned a lot, and we’re still learning. We wanted to share with you our thinking so far on topics like lived experience and wellbeing at work in our 10 for 10 resources. You can find these already on the 10 for 10 project page. 

Our latest resources to be released are: 

Research involvement groups: reflections and learnings over 10 years
Recruitment plan and checklist for research involvement group
Public involvement in mental health research

 Research involvement groups is made up of people with relevant lived experience who share their expertise to help improve a research study. These groups can go by many different names: advisory group, lived experience advisory panel (LEAP) and more. Their underpinning principle is that the people in the groups should have an active role in the research project. 

The two resources on research involvement groups offer practical tips on working with lived-experience groups in research. How do you set up a group and what are the steps to consider? How do you support a group working with their lived experience? What skills are needed for group members, facilitators, and co-ordinators? The resource explores these questions and more. With the accompanying resource, the recruitment plan and checklist, we hope they both offer up a way to meaningful involvement groups in your research. 

Following on from research involvement groups, we have published a deep dive into public involvement in mental health research. Through case studies and honest quotes from our staff and wider team, we have presented our ever-evolving approach to patient and public involvement (PPI).  

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