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Shape a research proposal understanding the support needs of adolescents who have lived experienced of an eating disorder

Eating disorders • Young people

What’s the project?

Content warning: this opportunity contains mention and reference to eating disorders.

Adolescents in the UK are continuing to be referred to specialist services for eating disorder treatment. However, the current waiting time (to be seen by a health professional) is increasing and adolescents are waiting longer to get the help they need. Additionally, adolescents are generally experiencing treatment as not suitable and dated. Georgia, a researcher at the University of Bristol would like to explore the support needs of adolescents who have lived experienced of an eating disorder. By speaking to adolescents with lived experience, she will be able to further understand what research needs to be done to help improve the treatment and recovery process of eating disorders. She intends to design her doctoral research project based upon these conversations to ensure that she is conducting relevant, novel, but timely research.

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Georgia would like to speak to young people aged 11-18-years-old who have lived experience of an eating disorder. She is looking to speak to a maximum of 10 young people via Teams or Zoom about their support needs, including their views on different types of treatment. The conversation will be a minimum of 45-minutes and you will be given a shopping voucher for your time. Your parent/carer is also welcome to join the conversation.

  • Aged 11-18-years old
  • Have lived experience of an eating disorder – you could be recovered, in recovery, or receiving active treatment.
  • Able to use Teams or Zoom

You will receive a shopping voucher worth £20 as a thank you for your time. After the conversation, Georgia will provide you with a list of relevant organisations for further support. Georgia will also share her email address just in case you have any further questions or concerns.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email [email protected] with brief answers to the following questions:

  1. What is your name?
  2. What is your date of birth?
  3. Please give details of your lived experience:
  4. Sometimes after talking about topics like mental health, people feel they need a little extra support or someone to chat to. What support do you currently have in place (e.g. supportive friends, family, health professionals or mental health charities)? Is there anything that the University of Bristol could do to support you or make your involvement experience better?
  5. How did you hear about this opportunity?

You are welcome to send your responses in audio or video format if preferred! If you need any help completing your expression of interest, you can get in touch with Georgia on [email protected]

5pm on Monday 11th March 2024

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